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      Computational Thinking

      While students must have a large amount of flexibility in choosing their individual curricula, certain subjects and skills should be learned by all students to become good, successful, innovative, adaptable, and productive human beings in today’s rapidly-changing world. One such skill is Computational Thinking.

      e-Gyān School has introduced Computational Thinking and Coding as part of the Academic program starting from Grade 1. This is necessary keeping in mind the wide scope and application of computational thinking, problem-solving and critical reasoning skills in our lives in the digital era. It is a skill that can be applied to any area of the curriculum from kindergarten to university level.

      e-Gyān School has associated with Cambridge University Press to offer this Program, where books are authored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) which is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society.


      Students at e-Gyān School have different options to chose for their second and third language to be studied from Grade 1 onwards.

      English is the first language and the medium of instruction for all students. However, Students can opt for any one of the following as their Second and Third Language. The third language is compulsory for Grade 6 to 8 and optional for Grade 1 to 5.

      Foreign Language Choices
      Regional Languages Choices
      Arabic Bengali Punjabi
      French Gujarati Sanskrit
      Japanese Hindi Tamil
      Spanish Kannada Telugu
      ESOL (English) Malayalam Urdu

      Student of Grade 1 to 5 can study third Language either as part of Day-Boarding (optional) or by simply opting third languages at additional fee as below.

      Third Language Fee
      For First Month* (includes the cost of Language book and delivery) 900/-
      Annual Language Fee** 3150/-

      *This fee is payable every time a student changes 2nd or 3rd Language. An additional charge of Rs. 3000/- will be applicable for delivery of books outside India. Last date for request for change of language chocies is 30th June 2022.

      **Annual Language Fee will be taken along with the 1st Instalment of Annual School Fee.

      Language Policy

      1. English is the First Language and Medium of Instruction.
      2. All students must opt for Second Language from Grade 1 to 8.
      3. Students from Grade 6 to 8 must opt for any one of the offered Third Languages, distinct from what they have opted for as a Second Language.
      4. Students of Grade 1 to 5 can select a Third Language (optional) on payment of additional charges as mentioned above. Classes for these will be conducted twice a week after regular school hours.
      5. Third Language is included under the Day Boarding Programme for Grades 1 to 5.

      Summer School Program

      Summer School Program is a unique offering to all e-Gyān School Students from Grade 1 onwards. As the name suggests, Summer School Program is offered only during the summertime, typically for a duration of 30 days in the month of April/May, excluding weekends.

      Summer School Programs are skill-based and connected to the real-world. These sessions are conducted by professionals and experts from diverse backgrounds. Some of the programs we focus on include:

      • Yoga / Mindfulness
      • Creativity ( Visual Art, Origami, Digital Art, Installations etc.)
      • Photography
      • Poetry
      • Drama & Theatre
      • Public Speaking
      • Robotics
      • Vedic Maths
      • Dance – Zumba, Jerusalema, Afro Jazz, Hip Hop
      • Creative writing/ Storytelling
      • Shlokas Made Fun
      • Culinary Skills
      • Gardening
      • Pottery
      • STEM-based activities

      The above programs are offered either in form of a workshop, guest lecture or a course. Not all of the above courses are available to every student and the programs are mapped to the interest of the students and practical feasibility.

      The dates for the Summer School Program are:

      For 2021: 19 April to 29 May

      There is no additional cost for e-Gyān School Students for attending the Summer School Program. Students enrolled before 19th Apr 2021, will also be able to attend the summer school program. Participation Certificates are given to all students on completion of the Summer School Program.

      Profile of Summer School Resource Person
      Program Name Resource Person City Brief Profile
      Yoga Ms. Shashi Bahuguna Certified Yoga Instructor Professional Mountaineer Dehradun Shashi Bahuguna is a certified yoga teacher and practices Ashtanga Yoga. She has been teaching yoga for several years and her students span from ages 4 to 89. She also a professional mountaineer and a Founding Partner in an adventure sport company called Bohemian Adventures LLP.
      Vedic Math Ms. Megha Nangia Pationate Teacher for Vedic Mathematics and Advanced mathematics. Kolkata Trained and Passionate Teacher for Vedic Mathematics and Advanced mathematics.
      Creative writing Ms. Anjana Vasudevanan Talent Acquisition Associate, City of Mississauga. Ontario, Canada Anjana is a passionate, result oriented Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) with over 10 years of progressive experience in Human resources and Project Administration. She is a Business Management Graduate and holds a Master’ Diploma in Business Administration. She has also earned a Human Resources Management certificate with high honors. She possesses diversified skills in Project coordination, Customer Service, Talent Acquisition, Employee relations, managing employee life cycle operations including Training intervention, Benefits and Pension administration.
      Poetry Ms. Praniti Gulyani Author & Creative Writer Gold finalist Awardee in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition New Delhi A seventeen-year-old girl from India, Praniti has written two books – ‘Sixteen Drops of Ink’ and ‘Mirror Maze’. She has won numerous laurels in creative writing – such as the gold finalist award in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, honorable mentions in the prestigious Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest and so on.
      Shlokas Ms. Priya Subramanian & Ms. Varsha Manish Chennai Priya Subramanian Ideator and author of The Little Shloka Book Ex-Creative head of a performing arts school Faculty with The Art of Living Organisation
      Varsha Manish Life-Skills trainer specializing in children and teens Emotional Intelligence Coach Yoga and Ayurveda enthusiast
      Pot Painting & Clay Moulding Ms. Chaitanya Crafter & Designer Passionate Art and Craft Teacher Hyderabad My name is chaitanya.. born n brought up in Andhrapradesh…now staying in Hyderabad..I have started my professional life from my college days..as a crafter,designer…and now settled as an Art n craft teacher.. Worked in different schools too as an art teacher…n took one to one sessions n group workshops too in many studios n institutes…
      Coding Mr. Siddharth Young Tech Enthusiast Pursuing Bachelor’s in Information Technology Mumbai Siddharth is currently in his third year of engineering, pursuing Bachelor’s in Information Technology. He has a passion for programming and love solving puzzles. Has a grasp on multiple technologies, and possess strong leadership and communication skills.
      Netiquettes Mr. Pankaj Jain Global F&A BPS Account Lead Accenture Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Pankaj have international and multi-cultural work experience – having worked extensively with clients and teams from US, UK, France, Japan, China and Malaysia. He lived in India and Japan and currently live in Malaysia.
      Mindfulness Fathima Kader Founder- EvolveED Bangalore Fathima brings with her close to 18 years of experience in the education sector working extensively with children, teachers and parents in areas of life skills training, personal development and child behavior management.
      She is a parent consultant and holds an international Parent coach training Mastery certification from ACPI, USA. She has completed training in using Mindful and Self – Compassion with Center for Mindful Self – Compassion.
      She uses ‘Mindfulness’ with parents, teachers and children as a way to unlock hidden mental patterns and pay attention to one’s own spiritual and emotional need.
      She currently heads EvolveED, a Bangalore based training organisation, that primarily works in the space of childcare, focusing on healing, restoring and transforming human relationships. Mindfulness based Compassion and Acceptance programmes are used to build inner strength, enhance self – awareness and promote emotional regulation. She is member of Early Childhood Association of India( ECA).
      She is also a leadership coach that focuses on bringing in compassion, mindfulness and contemplation into school leadership. She holds a professional certificate from Monash University, Australia in coaching educational leaders.
      Digital Arts and Photography Manas Parekh Freelance Photographer Featured in BBC & Times of India Mumbai Having started out as freelance photographer for the Times of India in 2000, Manas has worked his way up to shooting assignments for publications such as BBC Top Gear, BBC Good Homes, Better Interiors, Overdrive, Digit, Jetwings to name a few. He has also travelled the world as a cruise ship photographer and has built up a huge portfolio in travel photography. Manas has conducted numerous workshops and classes through the years and loves sharing his experience with fresh young minds. Get ready to sharpen your vision, creativity and shooting skills!
      Speech and Drama Ms. Kriti Tewari Actor & Drama Facilitator New Delhi Kriti Tiwary trained at the Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts a two-year Diploma in Acting after pursuing her BA in English.
      Kriti has taught drama for almost a decade. She has worked with Theatre Professionals Education since 2012 initially as a drama facilitator and a director of children’s plays at several city schools. She currently mentors school teachers and drama instructors.
      She specialises in Pre Primary Drama Education and has been instrumental in designing Programs for Pre Primary and Primary teachers.
      She is also one of the founding members of an initiative called The School Library Project – an online arts resource for children during the lockdown.
      Kriti uses her experience as an actor and a voice-over artist to bring the joy of drama to children and teachers.

      Skill-based Program

      e-Gyān Skills is e-Gyān School’s modern approach to giving High School Students a jump start on their path to a career or college education. Through project-based learning—a student-centred method that focuses on problem-solving, collaboration, and real-world experiences—you can explore careers in diverse industries and develop the soft skills needed to excel.

      e-Gyān Skills has partnered with Stride, Inc USA to offer a number of Skill-based short-duration courses that can be pursued by any High School Student (Grades 9 to 12). Some of these courses are:

      • Public Speaking
      • Creative Writing
      • British and World Literature
      • Practical Math
      • Probability and Statistics
      • Pre-calculus and Trignometry
      • Environmental Science
      • Contemporary World Issues
      • Economics
      • Art Appreciation
      • Fine Art
      • Introductory Finance
      • Life Skills
      • Music Appreciation
      • Nutrition and Wellness
      • Personal Finance
      • Personal Fitness I
      • Personal Fitness II
      • Personal Health
      • Physical Education
      • Skills for Health

      The registered students of e-Gyān School will get 10% rebate on the above mentioned programs delivered by e-Gyān Skills.

      Day Boarding

      e-Gyān School is proud to announce the launch of a new day-boarding program for high achieving students in Grades 1 through 8. It is a unique, cross-curricular approach to learning where eager students can develop their critical thinking skills and solve problems creatively.

      The immersive programme is open for Indian, British and American Curriculum students. However, only the best of students are selected for this unique opportunity, where admissions restrictions only allow exceptional individuals who can prove their academic merit to participate fully – it’s not just about being intelligent but also eager!

      The Day-Boarding Programme involves additional two hours of skill-based, activity-based learning that develops communication, leadership, creativity, computing and general knowledge for comprehensive personality development of students. Some of the benefits of day-Boarding are:

      • Your child could get a leg-up in their future careers
      • The children will be well rounded and more skilled than their peers
      • Increased creativity
      • Broadened general knowledge
      • Improved communication skills
      • Enhanced leadership capabilities
      • Overall Better Personality

      The Day Boarding Programme is optional and available at an additional fee. It will require students to attend additional 2 hours of schooling either after or before their regular day-school hours at e-Gyān.

      The Programme includes:

      • Additional Third language (only for Grades 1 to 5)
      • Computer & IT Programme (Grade 6 to 8)
      • English Reading Programme
      • Leadership Programme “Leader in Me”
      • General Knowledge,
      • Personality Development,
      • Mindfulness and more workshops

      All students will have access to Additional Academic Support (AAS) in the form of ‘on-demand’ Doubts Clearing Time of 2 hours every working Saturday during the scheduled time.

      The Pre-Primary Program caters to students aged 3 to 6 years. It includes the following Grades:

      Some of the components of the Program are:

      • Nursery
      • KG1 / LKG
      • KG2 / UKG

      The Pre-Primary Curriculum provides an age-appropriate, activity-based academic plan for every grade. The curriculum content is based on the National Curriculum Framework, alongside best educational practices with an emphasis on every child’s unique learning styles. Values, morals, and ethics for the preschoolers are weaved into our programs with stories & narratives to nurture & build a strong character, independent mind and confident leaders of tomorrow.

      The main subject areas are:

      • Communication and Language
      • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
      • Literacy
      • Mathematics/ Numeracy
      • Understanding the World
      • Expressive Arts and Design
      • Music and Movement

      Only English Language is taught in Pre-Primary. Students can start learning additional languages from Grade 1 in Primary.

      Learning Material Kit delivered home for written work and home works:

      • Engaging, Skill-based Set of Concept Books and Workbooks
      • Student Merchandise – ID card, Almanac and Annual Planner

      International Benchmark Test

      e-Gyān School has adopted the International Benchmark Test (IBT) conducted by one of the world’s leading educational research centres, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), to diagnose, analyse and compare student learning against global bench-marks.

      The International Benchmark Tests is an internationally administered program of assessments to compare student performance globally, between grades and over time.The tests cover English, Mathematics, Science for our students in Grade 3 through 8.

      IBT is skill-based and does not follow any single national curriculum, allowing students from all countries to be compared fairly. It helps in tracking student performance against international standards. The assessments are reliable and help to support schools, facilitators and parents to measure learning progress.

      Why did we choose IBT assessment over any other assessment?

      • The IBT solution compares your child’s performance to an international cohort
      • The diagnostic testing is designed to challenge students across a broad range of ability levels
      • It assesses deep conceptual understanding rather than simple recall of facts
      • The test recognises learning achievement, and monitors progress over time

      How is IBT conducted?

      The IBT is an online test, conducetd in January every year, the duration of which will be 60 minutes per test for Mathematics, English and Science only. The paper will predominantly be a multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ) with 40 – 45 questions per test.

      The IBT is not tied to a specific curriculum, allowing for fair comparisons between students across schools and around the world, and content is updated every year.

      In English the skills assessed are locating information, inferring, predicting, drawing conclusions and reasoning. Students are not asked merely to retrieve information from a passage; they are asked to make inferences, form judgements, and reflect on the texts. Questions addressing higher-order thinking skills are used to ascertain whether a student can ‘read between the lines’ and understand subtlety and nuance in the English language.

      In Mathematics the skills assessed include interpreting data, inferring, predicting, drawing conclusions, reasoning and problem solving. For Mathematics questions, students are asked to make sense of mathematical concepts in everyday situations. IBT Mathematics is not about simply remembering rules and procedures; it requires students to use higher-order thinking skills to apply their mathematical skills to solve problems.

      In Science the skills assessed include observing and measuring, interpreting data, inferring, predicting, drawing conclusions, reasoning and problem solving. Students are asked to apply scientific principles to specific problems. IBT Science not only assesses students’ knowledge of science, it assesses whether students are capable of applying this knowledge to given contexts. Many of the questions are based on scientific enquiry.

      How does ACER report results?

      The IBT provides many different reports on student performance to help teachers and schools better understand where their students are positioned on the learning continuum. The Individual Student report provides comprehensive details of the students’ performance across strands.

      This experience of IBT is better than any Olympiad exam, as the curriculum of Olympiads is limited in the Indian context only and does not necessarily evaluate skills. IBT on the other hand is of an international standard and helps you compare the abilities of your child to global standards and work on them.

      There is no additional cost for attempting the IBT assessment. We encourage every student to mandatorily attempt the IBT and benefit from the outcome.